Pet Teeth Macular Bacteria Cleaning Finger Wipes



Pet Teeth Macular Bacteria Cleaning Finger Wipes



Bad breath is an early warning sign that your dog’s mouth is full of harmful viruses.

This is a warning that you can’t wait any longer – it can quickly enter your dog’s bloodstream, causing a chain reaction of physical health problems.

Pet tooth and finger wipes are safe, gentle and non-irritating, and can help you solve problems. 

You can also easily clean your tears and ears

Your pet can maintain a healthy mouth after using it for a few days

Bullet Points:

🐈‍⬛Principle of wet wipes: Disposable wet tissue, can be directly thrown when used, which is clean.

🐈‍⬛Finger sleeve design: It features a finger sleeve design that fits the size of the finger, easy to use, can also interact with pets while cleaning teeth, and enhance intimacy.

🐈‍⬛Mild products: Mild and non-irritating, non-alcoholic ingredients, can be used with confidence

🐈‍⬛Plant formula: With mint ingredients for fresh breath, efficient cleaning of tartar, longer lasting effect

🐈‍⬛Dust cover design: Use it immediately without waste, simple, convenient and hygienic.


Product Name: Pet Finger Wipes

Material: non-woven fabric

Color: White

Specifications: 50 PCS / box

Applicable object: for cat and dog


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