🔥FATHER’S DAY SALE – Strong Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Scraper



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🔥FATHER’S DAY SALE – Strong Magnetic Aquarium Fish Tank Scraper



【Perfect for Aquarium】Aquarium algae scrapers works well with the outer magnetized pad and inner glass cleaner to clean the glass, removing algal quicker and easier, keeping the water quality and aquarium healthy.

【Strong Magnetic & Never Slip】The aquarium cleaner has a powerfully magnetic and non-slip handle which helps you to use it comfortably. Tips: magnetism strength is suitable for most fish tanks.

【Special Floating Design】The fish tank glass cleaner comes with a floating design and never sinks to the bottom of the tank that allowing you to pick it up without touching water or any aquatic animals or plants.

【Premium and Durable Material】The aquarium scrubber is designed with fabric and mini hooks on the side, which can easily scrape algae off and never damaged the glass. And the handle surface is covered with felt so that you can slide smoothly when you clean.

【Easy to Use】This aquarium glass cleaner is even friendly to new fish keepers. It is easy to operate and does not scratch the glass when cleaning, because the structure of the aquarium cleaner prevents sand or substrate from getting stuck in the fibers.


Suitable for glass thickness up to 6mm

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