Toddly – Kids Cooking Set



Toddly – Kids Cooking Set



Cook Safely and Have Fun While Practicing! 

Introduce your young chefs to the joy of cooking with our Kids Safe Cooking Set! Now, you can teach them the art of cooking in a worry-free and enjoyable way. No more concerns about messy kitchens or accidents – let them use knives and various cutting tools to whip up tasty meals, all while ensuring their safety with our specially designed kitchen set. You can relax, knowing it’s practically impossible for your kids to get hurt. Plus, this set enhances their fine motor skills, making it a delightful and educational cooking experience!

Practice Cooking In a Safe Way!

Guide your young ones in the art of cooking without concerns about messy kitchens or accidents. Explore knife skills and various cutting tools to create tasty dishes, all while ensuring your kids cannot harm themselves with the secure kitchen set. Enhance their fine motor skills through this safe and enjoyable culinary experience.

Early Cooking Education with a Focus on Safety!

Instill a sense of gratitude and self-reliance by teaching the value of cooking. Early exposure to culinary skills lays the foundation for independence and success in the future. While it may be convenient for children who have always received prepared meals, taking on the responsibility of cooking reveals that meals aren’t effortlessly provided – it requires dedication and effort to serve warm food daily. Emphasizing non-toxic, BPA-free materials ensures a safe and healthy cooking environment.

What’s Included?

Inside, you’ll find an assortment of high-quality tools designed to withstand both robust and playful use. This includes four distinct knives (large, medium, small, and a bread knife), one peeler, a wooden cutter shaped like a dinosaur, a metal cutter, three cutting frames with unique shapes (perfect for crafting adorable vegetable figures like stars, hearts, and animals), along with a green large cutting board and a yellow large cutting board.


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