I Love You Mini Laser Engraved Wallet Card



I Love You Mini Laser Engraved Wallet Card



“When I tell you I love you
I don’t say it out of habit
I say it to remid you that
you are the best thing that
has ever happened to me”
❤️”A little piece of you they’ll take everywhere they go.”❤️

❤️Make another boring paper card an amazing choice. This permanently portrayed aluminum wallet card will bring him permanent memories, allowing him to take it with him anytime, anywhere!


  • He will carry it every day! It fits any wallet perfectly! 3.5 inches x 2 inches (credit card size)
  • Thin and strong metal .050 inches. It won’t bend, it will jump in his wallet, but it still looks brand new!
  • Use industry-leading laser engraving machine for permanent etching. The etching will never fade or scrape off!

❤️These super beautiful cards are one of the cutest ways to say “I love you”. Will please them in a permanent way!

❤️Give them a mini love note and guarantee a smile on your lover’s face! One of the best husband gifts, because it is a unique personal gift! It is suitable as a gift for Valentine’s Day, wedding, and anniversary.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 3.5 inches x 2 inches


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