EDC Pocket Utility Knife with 10 Pcs of No. 24 Replaceable Blades



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EDC Pocket Utility Knife with 10 Pcs of No. 24 Replaceable Blades



What’s EDC in your pocket is important

Compact and Lightweight – The compact S51 is everyday carry ready with a EDC hole. Experience an ultrasharp blade with a minimalist and ergomonic shape for all utility tasks like box cutting, package opening, hobby DIY and craft work.

Safety Features – Liner Lock secures the titanium blade holder in place when completely unfolded or closed to keep your safe while use it. The S51 ensures the blade cannot be removed or dismantled while the the blade is fully extended for an added peace of mind.

Surgical Precision – Each blade undergoes an advanced heat treatment process to ensure excellent precision. Experience an ultrasharp scalpel knife with an ergonomic shape for all utility tasks like paper cutting, box opening, DIY and craft work.

Replaceable Stainless Steel Blades – Comes with 10 extra #24 stainless steel surgical blades, which can be firmly fixed on the knife holder. When the blade becomes blunt, it can be easily removed and replaced with a new sharp blade (Compatible with #22/23/24 scalpel blades)

Perfect for Outdoors – Ideal for outdoor usage, camping, and fishing as the stainless steel blades have a high resistance against rust as compared to carbon steel blades.

Never Need Sharpen Folding Scalpel Knife

Great Hobbie knife! And package opener.

This small scalpel folder can keep with you everywhere, open any package with ease. Blade is simple to remove, simply push the back end of the blade up with a thumb nail and with your other hand push the the blade over the locking edge and slide the blade out. 

  • #18 #19 #20 #23 #24 #25 scalpel blades can be used on this scalpel handle
  • Flipper Opening with ball bearing pivot system
  • Lightweight, Sleek, Slender, Simple, Clean, Design
  • Low Profile: Slim appearance fits comfortably in pocket
  • Contoured G10 Handle with Liner Locking

Superb CNC technology

The entire knife has the shadow of CNC technology. Due to the CNC technology processing, the overall feeling of the knife is more integrated and the texture is excellent.

High-quality parts

For each screw, we have to select high-quality steel parts to provide the knife with solid quality and make it more integrated.

Replaceable blade

The most important thing that the replaceable blade brings to us is convenience. Don’t worry about it becoming dull one day, just change to a new blade easily, and the knife will be reborn.

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