17 teeth air curling iron



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17 teeth air curling iron



Portable Hair Curler: The volumizing hair curling comb for women is small in size and easy to use, you can put it in your bag when you go out. The hair fluffy curling roll styler and hair curling comb for added volume are very convenient to carry, suitable for carrying on business trips. Great for curls, coils and waves. Detangle without damaging curls

 Hair Fluffy Curling Roll Comb

Silky Smooth for Curly hair: Defines the roots while keeping curls in their natural shape. Instead of bristles that get stuck in your curls, the fluffy hair styling comb and fluffy hair roller comb has 17 smooth pins slide in and out of your hair as easily as any bobby pin, our fluffy curling comb with bristles for home and volume hair curling roll comb have round design allows you to create lift at the root and shape curls

Hair Fluffy Curling Roll Comb

Hair Fluffy Curling Roll Comb

Hair Fluffy Curling Roll Comb

17 Teeth Design


  • With its 17 teeth design, each featuring small dots, hairstyling fluffy curling roll comb not only increases friction for better control but also provides a comfortable grip; The special bump design on the comb prevents it from slipping during use, making precise and efficient hair curling


with Ergonomic Handle


  • The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, providing a stable grip and precise control over your styling movements


Tools for Hair Styling


  • Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or styling your hair at home, this hair fluffy curly roll comb with 17 teeth makes it easier to insert and maneuver through your hair, allowing for effortless and seamless curling



17 Teeth Design: There are small dots on the teeth to increase friction and make the handle more comfortable to hold. Special bump designed fluffy curling brush with wide teeth so as not to slide easily when curling the hair, anti slip hair curling roll comb with 17 teeth, making our hair curling roll comb wand and fluffy curling roll comb for hair easier to insert them into the hair

Whether you’re a professional hairdresser working long hours or a home user styling your hair daily, this hair fluffy curling roll comb for ladies is designed to withstand frequent use; Its durability and quality craftsmanship make it a reliable tool that consistently delivers salon worthy results

The inner circle of adjustable hair fluffy curling roll comb teeth is slightly longer than the outer circle, allowing for effortless insertion into your hair without getting tangled

The round shape of the comb enables you to create lift at the root, providing volume and shape to your curls; Whether you’re aiming for loose waves or tight coils, this air volume hair fluffy curling roll comb helps you achieve silky smooth curls with precision and finesse

Your hair and scalp deserve the utmost care, and the anti slip hair fluffy curling roll comb delivers just that; Crafted from resins, this comb is specifically designed to protect your hair from damage while effectively styling and shaping it

The portable hair fluffy curling roll comb is thoughtfully designed to enhance your hair styling experience

  • Item Type: Hair Curler
  • Usage: Curl into hair and use hair dryer to blow and shape
  • Quantity: 1pcs


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